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Afternoon in the markets

11 March
We got to experience the markets one afternoon while in Uganda!  This was a first for all of us and one I will never forget!  I loved the true experience of a new culture by simply going and walking the markets!  It was crowded, exciting and oh so different from anything here in America!  See for yourself!
Vendors are set up all over and each one begging for your business!  Its hard to say, “no thank you” to so many – but you have to and continue on.

Fish galore!

Thank goodness for Kari’s help!  Everything is measured in kilo and if you ask me – I’m clueless!

At first glance you might think those are limes… but they’re actually oranges!

Richard and Brantley

Rachel, Sarah and Brantley

What an exciting time!  Thank you all for reading!  Be sure to check back for updates and pictures!
Many thanks, Voices 4 the Voiceless Team
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