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22 January

For those of you following us on twitter, instagram and Facebook … you know that the building project for Sangaalo Babies has been started.  Most recently, the foundation was started and completed!  Now, we’re beginning Phase II of the building.  (the actual structure)  This is a really exciting time as we continue to press on toward the completion and give Sangaalo Babies a safe and nurturing home to grow into!  Below are some pictures friends have sent us so that we can see the progress from far away!  Enjoy!

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The land!!!

land for sangaalo

The groundwork is underway!


The foundation being dug.


The foundation is complete!!!

Before Laying the Floor Slab

Excuse the quality of the images, not all are entirely in focus.  But they serve a point and hopefully show you the progress of this long-awaited project to begin!  :)

Many thanks to so many of you for your continued support and blessings!  If you wish to donate to this project, we still need your support!  You can go to online and make a tax-deductible donation towards ‘Sangaalo Babies’ OR you can head on over to the SHOP and Buy a Brick to Build a Home!

100% of all proceeds will be used on the building of this new home for Sangaalo Babies!

Thank you again for your love and support!

Voices 4 the Voiceless Team

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