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Perimeter Wall for Sangaalo Babies

24 February

Friends!  Pray you are all doing well!  We have a new goal and we are asking for your help!  We have received the latest quote to build a perimeter wall around the property where Sangaalo Babies are!  The amount quoted is $5,000 US Dollars.  By completing this wall, this will help to offer protection over […]

More Info – Sangaalo Babies

23 January
sangaalo for website

For those who have asked for additional information about the building project for Sangaalo Babies, we have updated the website! To learn more information, go check out ‘Sangaalo Babies’ section on our website! Or, by clicking HERE! We have included a total breakdown in costs, as well as more information regarding the process itself! And […]

Buy a Brick Build a Home

22 January
Buy a Brick

For those of you following us on twitter, instagram and Facebook … you know that the building project for Sangaalo Babies has been started.  Most recently, the foundation was started and completed!  Now, we’re beginning Phase II of the building.  (the actual structure)  This is a really exciting time as we continue to press on […]

Jewelry for a Cause!

08 March

We’re so excited about some beautiful new necklaces + bracelets we found while in Uganda! Although we have not had a chance to update the shop with these beauties – we promise to have them up VERY soon!   We’re so excited about each and every piece we found… but one particular necklace especially!  Damalie […]

From the words of Brantley….

07 March

In the words of Brantley… Wow, where do I even begin this morning.  My heart is heavy and full, overflowing with joy and sadness.  How is it possible to exude two very different emotions.  The plans for today were very different – as I had already begun to prepare posts for the day.   But […]

We’re home!

02 March

Well friends, I feel as though we let you down somehow!  We made it to Africa with anticipations of sharing our journey with you here.  Unfortunately, the internet speeds did not allow for much uploading  and therefore, we were not able to update you with pictures throughout our trip!  Now that we are all safely […]