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Cookies for Congo!

13 September
Many of you have asked… and now here is your chance!  You chance for what you might ask?  Well, your chance to help out and serve!  
We’re calling it …

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Basically… you host a cookie sale at your church, work place, Sunday school class or small group!  Wherever your heart desires.  If interested in participating, you can email either Lauren or myself and we will send you a download that you can print off to hand out.  The profits from the sales will go 100% towards Project Congo to build this orphanage!  We’re so excited to see God work and we pray you will partner with us!  Will you be a voice?
The BIG week: October 9th-16th
Q & A
Q] Where do we sell the cookies?
A] In your hometown! In your church, your office, anywhere!
Q] How much do we sell the cookies for?  
A] As much as you want!  You can decide not to price them and ask for donations, 
or you can set prices per cookie!  Its entirely up to you!
Q] How do we get you the money?  How will we accept payments?
A] If a check is accepted, please have checks made payable to Voices 4 the Voiceless. 
If anyone wishes to make a donation, they can be directed to our website & make a monetary donation through our Paypal button, or by mailing a check to: 
P.O. 1149, Columbia, SC 29202
If you accept cash… you can accept the cash and mail one check in the full amount to us to keep it simplified!  We will make an announcement the following week letting you all know how much has been raised all over the US!
For more information… 
Lauren Casper at  or
Brantley Freeman at
Thanks for helping us spread the word!  Feel free to post about this on facebook, share with your church or even on your own blog!  The more support… the more we can do in the Democratic Republic of Congo!  These children need our help!  Will you help? Will you be a voice?
Until then… Voices 4 the Voiceless Team
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