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Jewelry for a Cause!

08 March
We’re so excited about some beautiful new necklaces + bracelets we found while in Uganda!
Although we have not had a chance to update the shop with these beauties – we promise to have them up VERY soon!  :)
We’re so excited about each and every piece we found… but one particular necklace especially!  Damalie knows a group of grandmothers whom she has been working to help!  She has them create these beautiful paper bead necklaces, then Damalie sells them on their behalf to help create income.  We stocked up on most all of what she had and absolutely LOVE the necklaces!  They’re bright and vibrant and will make beautiful new additions to the shop!  But most of all, our profits will go back to helping get Damalie + the babies into a permanent home on their new land!
So if you were already thinking of buying a new necklace, maybe you will consider buying something from our shop to help support the Sangaalo Building Project!
Many thanks… Voices 4 the Voiceless Team
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