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21 December
Oh my!  What a blessing The HOPE Box has turned out to be!  This past week has been full of spreading the word about the Hope Box all over facebook, blog posts, tweets and sooo many friends & followers doing the same!  Its been so beautiful to see posts lighting up facebook like a string of Christmas lights!  So many joining us to advocate for the orphan!  So, THANK YOU.  It simply doesn’t seem like enough, but please know we’re forever grateful… but most of all, the orphans who will benefit from your donations… well, they will be grateful in more ways than we can imagine.
I must say, I’m truly blown away by everyone’s generosity and support!
We set a goal of $700 and we raised…. EXACTLY $700!!!!!  I gotta say, its almost comical for me!  Not sure why, almost like Jesus is saying, I got this ALL in MY hands!  Such a huge blessing EACH & EVERY donation that was received!  
Everything from $5 – $50 donations!  Wow!
This last day has been the biggest blessing, as we received over 500 hits on this blog, and a few hundred more on our personal blog.  Its been HUGE the number of people we’ve been able to reach and we give ALL the GLORY to HIM!  Praise God for ALL of these sweet sweet blessings!  AND… as many of you have seen, we were even more blessed to be asked to be on the morning show of WACH-Fox in Columbia, SC to talk about Voices 4 the Voiceless and share all that we have going on.  My prayer for the past two days was and is that people will be reached by our ministry, and that He will stir in the hearts of others. I pray we did that today.
Alright… NOW for the part you all are waiting for!  Let me first start by saying, that even if you do not win, I pray that everyone who donated knows that their money is being used for HIS kingdom.  I also pray that you are still glad at the end of the day that you gave.  Please know I wish we had enough to give back to ALL who donated!  But… there is only one winner of The HOPE Box!  So….


The WINNER is…..

Kati Everett
Congratulations Kati and thank you so much for entering and for your donation!  Kati, if you will please email as soon as possible so she can ship out The HOPE Box!
Thank you again everyone who entered, shared and donated!  Truly means a lot!
Many thanks, your Voices 4 the Voiceless Team
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