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Sangaalo – Purchase of Land

11 April
Hi friends!  I am ecstatic as I write this post this morning.  I received an update from Damalie this morning with some estimates on land for the new baby cottage!  I am thankful, because I was worried what the price would be… but thank the Lord, it is lower than I first imagined.  :)  We’re looking roughly at around $1500 (US dollars) per acre.  We will need at least 4 acres, because we want to allow room for growth, a place to raise the chickens (outdoors and no longer in the home), and for a future clinic (to better care for the babies since healthcare is crazy in Uganda).  So… with that being said, our first goal with Voices 4 the Voiceless is to raise $6,000 to purchase 4 acres of land!!!
This would be good land with access to electricity and running water!  Praise God for such a beautiful blessing, running water!!!
If you wish to help us, would love your prayers and support!  
To make a financial donations towards the purchase of land for the Sangaalo Cottage, follow these steps below.
Click on Donate (Give a Voice).
Enter your giving amount, then select “one time” or “monthly”.
Below, you can specify where you want your money to be used.  (i.e. Sangaalo Baby Cottage)
With your help and blessings, we can work to get Damalie and those sweet babies in a safer, more permanent home!  Will you pray and ask God how you can help?  Will you consider donating to Sangaalo Baby Cottage Project to build them a new home?  Also, you can make purchases from our shop and the profits from all jewelry sales will go towards the building project as well.
Again, thank you for your continued support and prayers!
Until then… Brantley and your V4V Team
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