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Serving His Children

08 March
While in Jinja our team had the privilege of visiting with another ministry, Serving His Children.

Serving His Children is a pretty amazing ministry run by a woman named Renee Bach.  We met up with her mid week to take a tour of their facility and learn more about her ministry.
{From their website}
Serving His Children’s mission is to reflect the unconditional love of Christ as we rehabilitate the physical bodies of severely malnourished children and strive to make long term changes in the hearts of the families involved.  It is our belief that malnutrition is a cycle and that the physical body of a child may be healed but the cycle will not be broken without the education of the family and changes in the home.  We believe that every family comes to us by divine appointment and it is our desire that no one should leave without a clear physical picture of the love of Christ and an understanding of His saving gospel!
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We were so excited to learn about them and how they help to nourish these children back to health.  But more importantly, how they educate the families in the process.  It was so encouraging to see the process of how they do this with each family that comes in!

Renee has a pretty incredible testimony herself – just to see how the Lord brought her to Uganda by starting a feeding program – to evolving into something even deeper!  She is a remarkable woman doing the work of the Lord through Serving His Children!

While visiting with them, we were able to deliver many of the donations that so many of you graciously donated prior to our leaving for Uganda.  What a blessing they were to them and we thankful to have been able to give them.

To learn more about Renee Bach and her ministry, Serving His Children… go check out there website HERE.  We’re so thankful we got to visit with them and learn more about their work!  We pray you might consider getting involved and seeing how you can be a blessing to them!

Many thanks, Voices 4 the Voiceless Team
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