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Uganda Donations

15 November
Hi everyone!
Many of you have asked what type of donations we are collecting for Uganda this year!  If you’re able to to help with one or maybe several of the following items – every little bit counts!  So feel free to browse and see if there is something you might be able to help with!  :)  This list is broad – as these items will go to various ministries and families when we travel back in February.  
The deadline to accept donations in January 15th!  Thank you all for your love and support!
All donations can be mailed to:

Voices 4 the Voiceless
PO Box 1923
Lexington, SC 29071

For questions or concerns, email:
So… here you go!!
Medical Supplies:

• Surgical/Exam Gloves
• Coban (self adhesive gauze)
• Sterile Gauze
• Medical Tape
• Neosporin
• Tylenol, Benadryl, etc.
(Store brands are welcome)
• Anti Fungal Creams
• BandAids
• IV Catheters
• Vitamins (Infant, Children AND Adult)
Baby Items:
• Cloth Diapers
• Velcro Diaper Covers and/or Plastic Covers 
(for cloth diapers)
• Burp Cloths (new please)
• Bibs
• Children’s Underwear (new only please)
(Ages 3-4 mostly, but up to 6 yrs)
(roughly 75 + kids)
• Simple dresses for little girls
(example: pillow case style)
(roughly 30+ girls)
• Diaper Rash Creams
• Baby Tylenol
• Teething toys (new please)
• Baby/Children Lotion
• Educational toys/games/books
 Sensory toys (any toy that is musical, textured, 
bright or has lights, etc.)

Misc Items:

• Flash Drives/USB Drives
(for social workers and staff)

• Sharpies

•  Glow Sticks, Sidewalk Chalk, etc
(for the children to play w/ outdoors)

Thank you ALL for your generosity, love and support to less fortunate than us!
Mostly, thank you for loving these precious children and giving them something so small – than can go such a long way!

And while you’re at it… remember to do some Christmas shopping with us this year!  Shopping for a cause is always more fun, right!

Many thanks, 
Voices 4 the Voiceless Team
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