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We’re home!

02 March
Well friends, I feel as though we let you down somehow!  We made it to Africa with anticipations of sharing our journey with you here.  Unfortunately, the internet speeds did not allow for much uploading  and therefore, we were not able to update you with pictures throughout our trip!  Now that we are all safely home, we will be spending the next several weeks blogging and story telling about our journey there and experiences with friends in country!  The Lord did some amazing things and used our team in ways we never thought possible!  So thankful for that!  For now, here is a quick team picture with Damalie and the babies at Sangaalo!  Such fun!
With 17 babies/toddlers – this was as good as its going to get.  :)
Julie running towards the camera!  :)
With love, from Africa!
Voices 4 the Voiceless Team
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